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Lynette Dumalag: Following Her Immigrant Parents' Directive to "do good here"

I met Lynette Dumalag when I began serving on the Task Force to End Street Homelessness. I was immediately impressed with her breadth of knowledge about all things concerning homelessness, her youth, and her obvious expertise in commercial real estate. We have served on this committee together for 5 years, and through those years have gotten to know each other, and my initial impressions were not only correct, but my admiration for her has grown. She is a human dynamo and one Minneapolis is so lucky to have on ‘our side’.

Lynette is the child of immigrants who came here from the Philippines, looking for a better life. She was taught to ‘do good here’ and to help others and was strong imbued with a sense of duty. From middle school on, Lynette volunteered, and early in her career in commercial real estate, was invited to Aeon to share a meal. Sitting down to share a meal is a wonderful way to meet people on an equal basis. She was hooked!

Lynette is now the chair of Aeon’s board and serves on many other boards, always working to help people who need a hand up, making sure that she ‘does good here’.

Here are her answers to my questions:

How did you get the position as Chair of Aeon's board?

I had been volunteering with the organization for a few years. First as a committee member on their Young Professionals committee where we held events, did fundraising and volunteered at certain properties. I was then asked to join the board a few years later and have been on the board for 8 years. I recently rolled off as Chair and will be involved on the board for one more year.


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