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Q&A: Urban Land Institute chair talks community

Lynette Dumalag stays busy.

For her day job, she’s a senior vice president in JLL’s Minneapolis office. She’s a broker, mostly working with clients in health care, nonprofits and government. She’s also a St. Louis Park City Council member, chair of the board for the Urban Land Institute Minnesota and sits on the board for Catholic Charities of Minnesota.

She was recently recognized for nonprofit service and her role at ULI, where she hopes she can help bring community engagement into the conversation. “Are you creating spaces with community inputs?” she said, versus “we’re only looking at it as an asset, and we’re only looking at it from the investor’s point of view.” She said there’s a balance between the two, and she hopes making space to bring new leaders to the table will help to find that balance.

Dumalag spoke with Finance & Commerce about her path to board chair of ULI, her experience with real estate as a first-generation immigrant and ULI’s role in bringing social issues forward.

This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.


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